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Making migration of critical systems to the cloud possible 


Strategic cyber consultant for the migration of critical systems to the cloud

We assist the management of organizations to transform their critical/sensitive systems to the cloud. All this while providing practical answers to the challenges of running critical business processes and processing sensitive information in the cloud and in coordination with the regulator.

We define a multi-year strategy for transforming critical/sensitive systems to the cloud and translate it into an effective action plan for the levels of execution. 


​For 30 years, Arik Klein, the founder of CyberIN, served in a variety of high-tech senior management positions for the development of critical national systems and the implementation of cyber solutions. He has a wide perspective of technology, a deep experience in R&D lifecycle execution as well as an understanding of what really bothers high-level management.


Services we provided to our customers

Action plan for migration of critical systems to the public cloud.
  • Defined a strategic migration plan of critical and sensitive systems to the cloud.

  • Led holistic “Organizational cyber ready” program, which includes aspects of regulation, manpower, training, processes, and technology.

  • Defined technological cyber guidelines for securing systems in the cloud.

  • Was a member of the writing and management team of the Nimbus tender, the Israeli governments cloud.

Arik Klein

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2016 - today

Strategic consulting in the fields of emerging technologies 
cyber threats, for governmental ministries and defense 

2008 – 2016

Senior management positions in high-tech companies:

  •  VP Development and Projects (COO), Evigilo.

  • Senior program manager, Ness TSG. 

1999 – 2008

Management of software development divisions and departments for the companies ECI, Alvarion, Innowave, Dekolink.

1992 – 1999
Head of the Software Section (Major), Telecommunications  Division IDF.

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Arik Klein


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Nes Ziona, Israel


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